Promote Your Purpose

July 10, 2020

One of our core values is Community Stewardship. As we evaluated the current economic condition of our community, we realized that many organizations that rely on fundraising are being hit hard. Social distancing guidelines have created a challenging environment to get in front of people and raise money.


Promote your Purpose is a no risk fundraising opportunity for your Community Group/Non-Profit. We do the work, you get a check! We will create an online storefront for your organization to sell goods branded with your logo. We will collect the money and write you a check for the difference between the selling price and the cost of the items. Average markup will be approximately 30-40% so you can expect that in return. For example a 20 oz insulated coffee mug with your logo should sell for $25. We will charge $15 to produce so you will make $10 for your organization.

Customers visit your online storefront and browse items. Whenever a customer makes a purchase your organization makes an average of $8-$10.

View the full program details here.

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